YoungMindsUK through Work for Good

 Why do we donate to YoungMindsUK?

Chloe (our founder and owner) has struggled with mental health since her early teens, and has encountered some tough times. 

Chloe relied on the support of mental health services along the way.

When she decided she wanted to set up a business, I knew I had to do something to help other young people and their families that are struggling. 

Whilst doing some research on which charity to support, YoungMindsUK really struck a cord with Chloe, as it focused on young people.

We are working with Work for Good, to donate 10% of our sales to YoungMindsUK. 

We believe this can really help young people that are so desperately struggling right now.

Please see below website link to read more about what YoungMindsUK does, and you donate to such a worthy cause if you are able.

YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds